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Gold $2327.10 [down] $-6.30/-0.27%
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Platinum $986.90 [up] $6.70/0.68%
Palladium $912.00 [up] $13.50/1.48%

Our Services

Bullion Universe offers innovative customer focused services that are unmatched in the industry. Through a purely web-based service, we consistently deliver a high quality and secure experience to suit your physical precious metals activity.

Account Features

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Bullion Universe offers a Live Catalog of the most popular products at competitive, real-time prices - available 24/5 (Sunday - Friday). Look for 'Our Price' on the product panel and select +CART to get started! Behind the scenes, our matching engine captures the best available price from an approved major precious metals supplier. Enjoy great prices with the assurance of the signature Bullion Universe simplified transaction experience.


OrderMatch™ is a real-time, live order marketplace administered by Bullion Universe. The OrderMatch feature allows its customers, large or small, to place live orders for physical precious metal products in a private real-time environment (24/7/365).

Bullion Universe facilitates the entire transaction process of order-matching, payment processing, product handling and validation, loss protection and product distribution of all transactions on OrderMatch. Customers efficiently match orders with others in the marketplace by maintaining a single trusted relationship with Bullion Universe.

How It Works


Secure Payment Processing

When you send funds, or Fund My Account, your checks and wires are received and processed directly by our Banking Partner. When you Withdraw Funds, checks and wires are also sent directly from our Banking Partner for your security and maximum efficiency. Anti-fraud account structures are utilized, as recommended by our Banking Partner and funds are maintained separately from Bullion Universe's operating accounts.

Secure Product Processing

Bullion Universe uses the industry's 'Best in Class' Depository and Processing facilities. To be approved, a facility must be:

  • State-licensed as a Depository
  • Physically secured 24/7/365
  • Access-controlled
  • Monitored with Hi-def camera surveillance
  • Recognized for its operating excellence

When you place a Product Deposit order, a secure container with a pre-paid shipping label will be dispatched to you. Your shipment, 100% Loss Protected, will then be routed directly to the Depository for processing under 'Hi-Def' cameras. Industry best practices are used to inspect and validate the product before it is posted to your account and stored.

When you request a Product Withdrawal, a Vaulting Manager at the Depository will 'pick' the product for your order. Professional staff will double-check your order and package it for secure delivery. Orders are released for shipment after a multi-step process to ensure accuracy and a daily audit. In addition, all processing and packaging is performed and recorded under 'Hi-Def' cameras.

Secure Depository Storage

Bullion Universe uses licensed, 'Best in Class' Depositories for product storage. Silver products are stored in a state-of-the-art secure facility and higher valued products, such as Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are stored in an ultra-secure vault within the secure facility.

Facility Approval

To be approved by Bullion Universe, a Depository must meet the same qualifications of an approved Processing facility and be covered by a 100% Loss Liability coverage. Additionally, careful consideration is given to inventory control systems, access control and procedures, and geographic location. An onsite visit and expert review of the Depository's processes are part of the approval process.

Storage Types

Allocated Ownership | Non-segregated Product within Bu Customer Pool

Product ownership is Allocated to Customer and is stored in Bu Customer Pool that is Un-segregated from other Bu Customers. However, the Bu Customer Pool itself is Segregated from other Depository customers and contains only products that have been received specifically into the validated Bu Customer Pool.

Product you receive out of the Pool is not necessarily the exact or specific product that matched your order or was originally deposited. However, the Product will meet the same specifications as indicated on the Product detail page.

Allocated Ownership | Segregated Product | External - Customer's Depository Account

Product ownership is Allocated to Customer and Product is transferred to Customer's 'Segregated' Account at Depository. This is available with a basic account but requires you to open your own Depository account at an approved location or with other Depositories of your choice. Modest Transfer fees for approved Depositories or standard Delivery Fees for external Depositories will apply.

Allocated Ownership | Segregated Product | Internal - within Bu Customer Pool

Coming soon! Cost effective option to have Segregated Product holdings.

Taking advantage of Secure Storage is simple and seamless through your account. Enjoy 30 days of free storage to allow for the most common transactions, after which monthly storage charges will apply. Rates are listed in the Account Fees section and are comparable to more restrictive arrangements such as ETFs and non-delivery platforms.

Secure Delivery

Many are unaware that UPS and FedEx do not cover bullion under their Loss/Theft Policy - even after charging a fee for 'Loss Liability Coverage'. However, through private corporate agreements, Bullion Universe can provide secure, discreet delivery through these proven carriers by utilizing a high-security tracking system and discreet packaging.

Loss Protection

Although technically not 'insurance', Bullion Universe can provide 100% Loss Protection as a benefit of a Loss Liability agreement that we maintain with the Depository. Although prudent steps must be taken to validate a claim, this arrangement allows us to take care of our valued customers if such an unfortunate issue arises - without the delays and hassles of dealing with an unconcerned insurance company and their underwriters.

Account Fees




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