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08/02/20 11:03:28 PM -0500
Gold $1975.80 [up] $4.90/0.25%
Silver $24.440 [up] $0.300/1.23%
Platinum $921.00 [up] $6.10/0.66%
Palladium $2140.00 [up] $9.70/0.45%
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Product Symbol: PaBP9995:0100:One
Size: 1.000 Troy oz.
Condition: Bullion
Denomination: n/a
Content: 99.95%
Diameter: 0.000000 mm
Thickness: 0.000000 mm
Buyer Fee: 0.00%
Seller Fee: 3.00%

Palladium Bullion .9995 Fine (1.000 oz.)

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Palladium Bullion 9995+ are coins and/or bars manufactured by known manufacturers, cumulative actual weight of 1.00 ounce, and at least 99.95% pure.  Primary purpose of this product market is to enable efficient trading of non-specific items outside of other more defined products markets - and without delivery restrictions associated with pool transactions.

No product 'conversion' or 'fabrication' charges necessary to take personal delivery.

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